About The Célor Brand

Our Story

Introducing Célor, a premium beauty brand that’s taking the world by storm, one high-quality beauty product at a time. What started as a small, family-owned business soon bloomed into an online premium beauty brand that now has millions customers on Amazon.

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We’re Perfectionists by Nature and Experts by Design

Everything we do as a premium beauty brand strives to be perfect. Every act, no matter how big or small, is taken with care to make sure that what we deliver is perfect, every time.

 Professionalism is Our Priority

Because we truly care about our customers and their satisfaction, we offer expedited shipping within 2 to 7 days across the US. Each and every product that leaves our store is developed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

If you ever receive a product or accessory from Célor that doesn’t meet the standards you’ve come to know and love from our brand, let us know. We’ll get one of our expert team members on the situation as soon as possible.

On A Mission for Excellence

When it comes to our level of customer care and quality service, no other premium beauty brand can compare to Célor. We’re dedicated to treating each and every one of our clients with the same level of respect, care, and dedication that we would want for ourselves.

By combining a key eye for design and a genuine love of all things beautiful, we set out to create a new and improved premium beauty brand that men and women around the world can access. By selling online, we’re able to serve a global community of customers that can choose from a variety of world-class beauty brands – and yet still choose ours, again and again.